Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mathematical Proof You Have To Create A Product Funnel To Maximize Product Income - Part 3

Sean: Okay, and remember, for some of you selling a 10 dollar product, this is out of your realm, and I'm pushing you. For some of you already selling $5000 seminars, you're laughing, "Oh, yeah it's easier to sell a $5000 seminar to three people than it is to sell a 500 merchandise to thirty people." Okay, allows expression at some transition rates. I'm going to take this from a different perspective, I desire to look at some transition rates.

For the 10 dollar product, and allows make that, I cognize some of you have got got got 10 dollar products, and some of you have hundred dollar products, and some of you may even have $500 products, so if everybody would assist me out here, there should be about 17 of you on this call, so if everyone would assist me out here, aid me come up out with some norm transition rates for 10 dollar products, one hundred dollar merchandises and five hundred dollar products. So if you have got a 10 dollar merchandise or something close, 17 or even twenty five, what is your norm transition charge per unit on your 10 dollar product. Aid me out here, shoot some Numbers to me, hit *7 if you're talking and I'm not hearing you, just hit *7 that volition unmute you. Conversion charge per unit on 10 dollar product?

Caller 5: Can you here me?

Sean: Alright, anyone on the phone?

Unknown: Yes.

Sean: Yeah, I can hear you. Go ahead. Okay, transition charge per unit on a 10 dollar product? Okay, cipher is selling 10 dollar merchandises on this telephone call? How about --

Caller 5: I--

Sean: Go ahead.

Caller 5: Yeah, I was going to say, a 10 dollar product, probably, I state depends on the traffic, but I state possibly about 10%, you cognize on the inexpensive end.

Sean: Ten percentage on a inexpensive product? Yeah, okay.

Caller 5: I mean, it really depends on your list.

Sean: Yeah, it really depends on your list. It could be, you know, I've done 10 dollar merchandises that have got converted at 4% consistently and I've done specials where I've gotten it up to 20% for short clip periods of time. So you know, it could be, 10% on a well targeted page, that could be the lawsuit on a 10 dollar product, allows just utilize that.

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