Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Conversation Comparing Two Online Products - $5 And $50,000 - Part IV

Sean: Oh, absolutely, absolutely. Who else? What else? Let's see if we can't take a couple more. I really desire you cats to be thought out of the box here. This is the material that's going to change the adjacent twelve calendar months of your life. You see, learning how to drive one more than visitant every calendar month or learning how to increase your transition charge per unit by a two percent, that stuff' is not going to do you money, but it helps. But what's going to do you money in the twelvemonth to come up is apprehension how to do this bluish black and white work, apprehension how you must position yourself in presence of your list, your subscribers, in presence of your niche so that they will purchase what you have got at your price. Any other remarks on this? What's the difference between the demographic of the individual who viewed me at $50,000 versus the individual who viewed me at $10?

Caller: Are you trying to drive out the conversation of maybe the ability to give the $50,000 individual a broader scope of merchandises than the $10 individual because he will always be limiting yourself to $10 points to pull their low end mentality. Here in your $50,000 grouping of folks, you can pass them off anywhere from a $500 whole information course of study that volition be manufactured and delivered digitally to a weekend in Republic Of Peru on the top of the mountaintop, you know, doing Zen things and wishing for better business, Right? Are that what you're trying to say?

Sean: I'm not exactly driving there, but yes, everything you just said is true, or I believe it to be true. I believe everything you just said to be true. I'm not exactly driving there, but you're in the right ballpark.

Caller: The greatest difference between the two lists?

Sean: Yes

Caller: The first listing you're going to acquire maybe a couple $100, and the 2nd listing you're going to acquire a couple $1,000,000 in your depository financial institution account. So that's the large difference between the two lists. The two demographics.

Sean: Absolutely. Absolutely. Keep going, travel ahead.

Caller: There's going to be a batch more leeway to convey forth better products, to bring invitee talkers in to talk, to turn yourself and your concern farther than a couple expansive that you'll acquire from the first place.

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