Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Conversation Comparing Two Online Products - $5 And $50,000 - Part III

Sean: Yes, people with more than education. Probably people with higher incomes on norm across the board. People that are perhaps willing to work harder. Any other thoughts here? Okay, let's take one more than inquiry and then I'm going to open up this up to inquiries and maybe make a speedy reappraisal of this bluish print.

After we have got this split here, where we got 500 people that went to a $10 page and maybe 10 of them bought, or maybe even twenty of them bought, and then we had 500 people who went to this $50,000 page. Let's just presume that cipher bought. Because the likelihood are more than like 1 in 10,000. Most people won't purchase a large merchandise like that until they've have got respective brushes with the individual who is selling it, So whether it's telephone, e-mail, Oregon mail or whatever, they generally have respective brushes before they pass that sort of money so they're probably not a sale, but their on our list. Now, let's just presume that adjacent week, both of these groupings of people have an e-mail for a fabulous new merchandise that really have a batch of value, state this merchandise have $1500 worth of value.

Say you come up up with a new merchandise and it really have some value, I just don't desire to throw a figure out here,say it's worth $1500. And you do it available for a 1 clip offering of $500.And I'm going to open up this phone call up in just a 2nd and this is going to be the question: What's the difference going to be in the response to this $500 offering to the 500 people who were exposed to a $10 merchandise versus the 500 people who were exposed to a $50,000 product? I'm going to travel ahead and unfastened the line now.

Caller: My first conjecture is you're going to have got a 3rd to a one-half of the higher end people volition react or at least will inquire more about that $500 merchandise and a very low per centum of the $10 folks aren't even considering it unless you give them a payment plan.

Sean: Yes, I believe that you are absolutely right. You're absolutely right. What are some other observations on this peculiar scenario?

Caller: Expectations. They have got different outlooks of where they are coming from.

What make you believe about and we'll wrap up things up here in a second. What is the difference between the endorser that see you as a $50,000 individual versus a $10 person?

Caller: Sean, it's probably going to be willing to implement the thought that you show to them a batch easier without a clump of rebuttle and 'yeah, buts'.

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