Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mathematical Proof You Have To Create A Product Funnel To Maximize Product Income - Part 1

I said it earlier, you must make a high ticket merchandise funnel. For some of you, you may not believe that. So I'm going to make the same thing with this as I just did with that small power system that we did on the subscribers. Okay, I'm going to demo you why if you're going to do large money online you have got got to have a high ticket merchandise funnel. Now, the first thing I desire to do, is I'm going to take the figure 15000.

I'm using that figure because that's the figure that I believe I can take anybody on this telephone phone call to, in 90 to a hundred and twenty days, okay? Some of you are already starting at say 10 grand, I can probably assist you acquire to 20 or 25 in 90 or a 120 days. Some of you that don't even cognize how to turn the computing machine on, you're going to have got got a small spot of a incline up, so instead of 90 to a 120 days, maybe it's 120 to 150 years because you're going to have to larn how to upload a gross sales page, okay? So there is some things that are going to decelerate you down, but for the norm individual in this telephone phone call I really believe you can acquire to 15 grand.

I believe if you know, so that's the figure I'm going to utilize right here. Now, I desire to conceive of that you desire to make that with a 10 dollar product, so take 15000 and watershed it by ten. Lets have got person give me the answer.

Sean: 1500, all right how likely is it, that you're, that anybody is going to acquire to merchandising 1500 units of measurement of measurement of anything, even if you're giving it away for 5 dollars, what is the likelihood that anybody on this telephone phone call is going to acquire to 1500 units a calendar month in the adjacent 90 to a 120 days?

Unknown: Small.

Sean: Pretty low. Pretty low?

Unknown: Yeah.

Sean: Small, okay. Very small, okay. Lets move that up to a hundred dollars. So, 15000 divided by a hundred dollars, how many would we need? How many gross sales would we need?

Unknown: 150.
Sean: We'd necessitate 150. Are that a more than than realistic number?

Unknown: Yeah.

Sean: Okay, certainly a more realistic number, so 150 at 100. What if we had a five hundred dollar product? 15000 at 500 dollars, how many would we necessitate to sell?


Sean: There's got to be a mathematician on the phone!

Unknown: 30.

Sean: Thirty, you necessitate to sell thirty, okay, would that be easier than a hundred and 50 units?

Would that be easier than a hundred and fifty?

Unknown: Probably.

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