Thursday, October 11, 2007

Is $1,500 Reasonable Charge to Write Only 2 Goals

Goal scene is a great ego leading skill. Yet, make you believe $1,500 is a sensible complaint to larn how to compose 2 smart goals?

Maybe you are thinking that no 1 would pay $1,500 to walk away with 2 smart ends committed to writing. But in a national seminar publication, that is what is being charged in a clip direction 2 twenty-four hours seminar workshop.

Along with the 2 written smart goals, there is a nimiety of further acquisition objectives. However there is nil tangible to state that you can actually shift these newly learned or relearned conceptions from acquisition to public presentation outside of you waling away with 2 written goals.

Some of these learning aims are more than about supporting ego leading accomplishments than existent clip direction skills. For example, one of the acquisition aims is how to cover with hard people during a meeting. To be able to truly cover with hard people necessitates pattern because human beingnesses are irrational creatures. If there are 10 people at this seminar, how much clip will you have got got to drill what you have learned? Probably zip, none, nada.

Unfortunately, people and concerns are conditioned to this type of acquisition where you pass a batch and then do a given that the existent learning have transferred to existent performance. Then 6 calendar months later, at least 90% of what was previously learned have been forgotten. (And I am being generous by believing 10% is retained when it is probably less than 5%.)

When you have got an existent acquisition event unless there is some further support such as as committing the smart end to existent writing, there is a important likeliness that in 16 days, you will retrieve only 2% of what you learned.

Just believe back to those years of cramming for an exam. You probably remembered about 50% especially if you had read the stuff only once. The 2nd day, you remembered one-half of half and by twenty-four hours 16 you are down to 2%.

So before you pay for that adjacent seminar, find how you can guarantee continued application of those newly learned conceptions as well as the public presentation deliverables. Otherwise, you may stop up paying $1,500 just to compose 2 smart goals.

P.S. By the way, if smart ends were truly effectual given that the smart criteria have been around for 50 years, why cannot people accomplish ends with greater consistency?

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