Thursday, September 6, 2007

Massive Craziness

Craziness is a portion of the human nature since the greatest portion of the human psychical domain belongs to our wild and crude conscience, which is very violent and evil. Evil and daftness are in fact synonymous, since daftness begins from selfishness.

Even the human portion of our conscience, which have passed through the procedure of consciousness, is quite unreasonable because it is based on the person's egotism and each 1 have only 1 of the 4 psychological mathematical mathematical functions working and another one partially developed, while the remaining 2 psychological functions of their psychical domain stay in an atrophic condition. (Our 4 psychological mathematical mathematical functions are thoughts, feelings, experience experiences and intuitions).

So, psychological types based on ideas have got a frozen heart, those based on feelings cannot believe logically, those based on intuitions attention only about the possibilities they can sense in the hereafter and those based on sense experiences attention only about the pleasance they feel in their stuff life.

These features are a portion of their personality if they are extroverted, because if they are introverted, their psychological functions are always related with their personal manner of examining reality, what intends that there are more than differences among the psychological types and all of them are one-sided and, therefore, absurd.

Since this is our nature, the human race we built and where we dwell is also absurd.

That's why here some people sell their organic structures and psyches for money. Some people starve; some unrecorded in prisons; some perpetrate suicide; some go drug dependent; some are criminals; others, schizophrenic, psychotic or hysterical patients; and almost all of them, neurotics.

A ill population, forming a ill civilization...

This is monolithic craziness, and it is a effect of all the absurdity, which is also responsible for the continuance of this unbearable situation.

Money finds almost everything in our world, while lone a few people can have got everything they necessitate without any problem. For the greatest portion of our population, endurance is a day-to-day problem.

Horrors like the 1s previously mentioned go on first of all because people have got got got many inborn unreasonable inclinations that come up from the wild side of their scruples and because our monolithic daftness doesn't allow us see the obvious truth.

So, it is pure lip service to declare that human beingnesses in our planet have "human rights"...

Which human beingnesses are respected here?...

It is an even worse sarcasm to seek to heal schizophrenics, psychotics, hysterics and psychoneurotics who dwell in such as a world, through medical specialty or respective types of psychotherapy...

We have to transform the human race first of all, if we desire to heal its inhabitants. Cipher can have got psychical wellness in a human race like this!

How are we going to change this atrocious human race however?

Through political systems?

They don't work. There is no perfect system and there are no perfect leaders.

Through warfares and revolutions?

They only do devastation and ruin.

I'm not going to go on giving you useless examples...

The effort to heal brainsick people, like the effort to dwell happily in this world, is completely impossible, because there are no statuses that tin license our wishings to be fulfilled.

The alone solution we have got is seriousness-seriousness and humanity. We cannot go on to disregard our absurdness.

We must go through through monolithic psychotherapeutics and at the same clip completely transform the human race we dwell in if we desire to set an end to our daftness and to all its atrocious consequences.

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