Friday, September 14, 2007

The Apple iPod and The Future of Media

First of all, what actually is an Apple iPod? Well, its somes digital portable mass media player, or MP3 player. The term iPod have go so omnipresent that it is not really necessary to explicate it. In fact sometimes iPod is used as a generic term for an MP3 participant in much the same manner the trade name name William Hoover is seen as a generic term for vacuity cleaners.

In 2001 the first Apple iPod was released. Since then there have got been over 100 million gross sales of the iPod human race wide. It is used in concurrence with iTunes software system which is a sort of computerised jukebox, but also integrates with purchasing and downloading music. In my opinion, this is what really put the iPod aside from other portable mass media players. This iTunes have really revolutionized the manner music is bought. Gross Sales of singles in the United Kingdom declined significantly until iTunes was released. Now songs can acquire to figure 1 in the United Kingdom charts on download gross sales alone, before even having a single released. What this agency is that sets no longer necessitate a record trade in order to acquire a figure 1 single. Look at person like Gnarls Barclay and their single 'Crazy'. That became Number 1 in the United Kingdom singles chart through downloads alone.

Looking at the history of the iPod they have got seen a batch of changes; there is now a illumination iPod Shuffle with no screen, perfect for athletics people; A Classic iPod which although expressions very similar in style to the original, now even plays videos, movies and games and come ups with an tremendous 160GB difficult disk; the astonishing revolutionist Apple iPhone which compounds a camera, mass media player, phone, web access, touching silver silver screen and more than into a phone; following on from the iPhone came the iPod Touch, which is in my sentiment just an iPhone without the phone, and some of the other utile characteristics like full cyberspace access. The iPod Nano is now on its 3rd reincarnation, being revamped each clip for a freshman expression and more than features.

The pervasion of iPods into our civilization is such as that now even put like infirmaries (for illustration the Royal Glasgow Infirmary) offering podcasts as a agency of providing preparation materials. Students can even acquire some talks on a podcast.

What makes the hereafter clasp for the iPod or other 'Pod' Products? Apart from the obvious of smaller, cheaper, lighter, with more than memory on board, I would wish to see additional integrating of the iPod and iTunes conception into the home, with iTunes being the Centre of an amusement hub for the home. I envisage this as being centered around a broadband connection, incorporating a broad silver screen Television, hello fi system, downloadable movies, television demoes on demand, along with classical television broadcast media incorporated. I see this as leading to a more than incorporate attack to mass media and the manner it is delivered to the consumer.

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