Saturday, May 17, 2008

Big Ticket Sales - Example Of Creating A Big Ticket Product That Sells II

"John, I'd wish you to inquire you will you take Measure 1 and learn people how to make it? Mark, would you take the 2nd step? Joan, will you take the 3rd measure and learn the people that I do this programme available to everything you cognize about this peculiar step, and then would you also do yourself available for a shade spot of one-on-one time for anybody who desires it that peculiar week?"

Obviously you have got got to have limits. When you sell person something for $5,000 you've got to be able to look them in the oculus and say, "Look, I anticipate that in hebdomad 1 you're going to make everything that we learn in hebdomad 1. You're not going to wait till hebdomad 4 to begin doing hebdomad 1."

"So you're going to do everything in hebdomad 1, and we're going to make Toilet available to you for any sort of one-on-one consultation that you might need. We're going to do him available to you for 7 days. Then at the end of the 7 days, Toilet can't assist you anymore. Obviously you can travel to Toilet and talking to him on your ain about setting up some personal audience or something, but what my social class covers is I give you 7 years entree to John. I anticipate you to make measure 2, and then on measure 2 when Mark come ups in, Mark takes over, he learns the class, and he's available for the course of study of study of the week."

Does that make sense right there and makes that sound workable?

Caller: Yeah, that's A great idea.

Sean: And of course that replies your question, right?

Caller: It makes except what do they acquire out of it? Bash you share the profits? As the new individual would you share the merchandise launch with them?

Sean: Well, let's sort of insight through this. Obviously one manner we could do this is we could offer Toilet and Mark and Joan and Virgin Mary - we've got 8 people, right? - so I'll just a high figure here. We've got 8 people and we give each 1 of those people 5% of the merchandising terms per individual we set into the program.

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