Friday, May 16, 2008

Big Ticket Sales - Creating A Big Ticket Product That Sells I

So having said that, let's speak about creating a high-ticket merchandise that sells. Now maintain in head that 50-80% of the merchandising of your high-ticket merchandise happens I'm going to name it subliminally. It happens as you're developing that trust.

You see, when we travel back to that $50 product, 100% of the merchandising that travels into a $50 merchandise is the gross sales page, hype, bombast bombast blah. 100% of the merchandising happens on the gross gross sales page for a $50 product.

But for a high-ticket point of say $5,000, I'm going to think that 80% of the merchandising of that merchandise happens not at the point of a sales page, not at the point of a conversation, not at the point of any peculiar electronic mail or conversation -

I'm going to propose that 80% of the merchandising that happens of a $5,000 merchandise have occurred in this procedure of trust that you've built up.

Any inquiries on that statement I just made? Obviously for you, depending on your niche and depending on how well you communicate, for you it might be 60% Oregon 90%, sol there may certainly be some type of a scope in here.

But the thought here is that in my personal opinion, and I've seen it clip and clip and clip again but I don't desire to declare it fact, the majority of the merchandising procedure happens in the edifice up of the trust.

The concluding measure in the merchandising procedure is what we're getting ready to travel through. The concluding measure in the procedure is person realizing that what you are providing for them at $5,000 is deserving more than than $5,000. There's a positive Tax Return on Investment.

I'm going to demo you an example. This is the easiest manner to make it. I'm just going to begin with some military volunteers and make it by example. I'm literally willing to take any niche. I'll take anybody that's on the telephone phone call and we'll make this illustration for your ain product

Now maintain in head that for just about everybody here, I don't cognize exactly what you're doing, but I am going to give you thoughts that if person else were to take my thought within your niche and tally with it, obviously they're going to derive some value. So just acknowledge that you're opening yourself up a shade here, because although I don't cognize anything about what you're doing, I am going to inquire you some pointed inquiries and I'm going to give you some ideas.

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