Friday, December 21, 2007

Linda's Goal Becomes Financial Reality

Here's the lexicon definition of a goal: The end toward which attempt is directed.

Here's my definition of a goal: A combustion desire born out of necessity or yearning that volition not be derailed or denied.

What's your definition of a goal?

Your goal, when concerted with passion, intent and continuity is a powerful fiscal success tool.

Do you have got a fiscal dreaming or end born out of necessity or longing? Rich Person you written it down on paper? Rich Person you thought about the exhilaration and self-satisfaction of achieving that goal?

I recently read the success narrative of Linda Torres-Winter and was impressed with her vision and purpose. See if you agree. Linda Torres-Winters lived with her migrator parents and six sibs in one large room. She worked the tomato Fields along side her household starting at age six. At 16 her father became handicapped and she left school to assist support the family.

Holding two occupations she still managed to acquire her high school equivalencey sheepskin at age 17 and went on to college. Linda decided to get her ain concern to assist the household financially and to also honour her Latino heritage. She remembered her female parent made the best salsa ever!

What drove her to go financially independent? A combustion desire born out of necessity. In her story, Linda adverts how she always wanted to do something for her household and to do a difference.

To make a long narrative short, today her salsa premix is in over 500 grocery store supplies in 8 states, she have her ain telecasting program, composes a nutrient column and is able to assist other women and children endeavor for their goals.

What lesson can Linda Torres-Winters learn all of us? It doesn't substance where you acquire in life because if your desire for fiscal independency is strong enough, you can do ends reality.

Here are a few suggestions to assist get you started:

  • Take a few proceedings and compose out the reply to this question: How would achieving your fiscal end convey greater peace of mind, self-satisfaction and fiscal independence?
  • What steps can you take today to get making your fiscal end a reality?
  • Do you have got got a fiscal wise man to name for advice and support?
  • Do you have the emotional and fiscal support of your loved ones? If not, what can you do to derive their support?
  • Do you have got a clear image of what it's going take emotionally, physically and financially to make your end reality? Are you willing to make what it takes?
  • Is your end a combustion desire? Are it powerful adequate to do you unstoppable?
  • Have you put up a support web of like-minded women who have got the combustion desire to travel for their fiscal goals?

  • You can read Linda Torres-Winters' success narrative at the U. S. Small Business Administration's web site. All of us will be waiting to read your success narrative very soon.

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