Thursday, December 27, 2007

How Product Creation Almost Landed Me In Rehab

I did not put out to do a merchandise for the internet.

Like everyone else out there trying to make a spell of it online, I followed the regulations like a good small boy. Iodine recycled the same old material and set slightly new spins around on it.

I bought the Pb beginnings and did what I was told would work...but a unusual thing happened as I was doing everything everyone was telling me to do...


And it was killing me. I got depressed every clip I switched on the Gateway and headed into one Forum after another hearing to the failures of the masses.

So I started taking Lexapro. 10 milligrams.

It helped a bit, so I switched up to 20 mgs and that's right around the clip that I figured out that if I was ever really going to do a life online, that I had better begin thought about solving the jobs and demands of other people before I would ever see some existent consequences myself.

Thus began a very long and elaborate scrutiny into what merchandises really work on the nett and which 1s are well, you know, lavatory paper.

My end was singular...make it simple. Brand it so simple and so powerful that ANYONE could make it...because believe it or not, the people who most desire to work at place really desire to work at home.

I believed that if I could set something in presence of them that would give them a very existent chance to make some very existent money, that the wages would come up back to me in a large way.

The nett net?

It's working far better than I could have got got imagined.

I do not believe that I have saved the work at place universe, but conjecture what, I believe this is about to give that human race a much higher standard.

Check it out.

And allow me cognize what you think.

It's clock for my meds!

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