Thursday, January 15, 2009

Creating Results, Not Resolutions in 2009

Every twelvemonth billions of us diligently work on our New Year's Goals or Resolutions, determined that this twelvemonth will be *THE* year, somehow different from all the remainder which preceded it.

We labour over authorship the goals, make Vision Boards, and start the twelvemonth bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (like children on Christmastide morning time when they see a tree loaded with presents).

And yet within a week, maybe two or three, world sets in. We're the same people we were before midnight on January 1st and, likely have got the same habits. .good and bad.

So how make we make consequences and not simply resolutions?

The reply is simple. .treat the New Year as you would any big undertaking and interruption it down into wieldy pieces.

Let's see what that expressions like:

  • Choose one of your yearly ends and interruption it down into 4 quarterly (90 day) goals.

  • Take the first one-fourth (January - March) and interruption that down into monthly ends -- what make you necessitate to accomplish each calendar month to attain your first quarterly (March 31st) goal?

  • Take the first calendar month (January) and interruption that down into weekly ends -- what make you necessitate to accomplish each week to attain your monthly (January 31st) goal?

  • Take the first hebdomad (January 4 - 10) and interruption that down into day-to-day actions -- what should you make each twenty-four hours which will let you to attain your weekly (January 10th) goal?

  • And what necessitates to go on for you to acquire your day-to-day actions DONE? Bash you restrict your email/Twitter/IM time? Bash you state your best friend you have got work to do? Bash you acquire up an hr earlier or work an hr later? Bash you put in a wise man who can salvage you hours of learning time? Figure out what you necessitate to do. .and then make it!
  • Simple, right?

    It is until you take a expression at ALL your New Year's Goals and recognize you'd have got to work 15 hours a twenty-four hours and be on a treadmill feeding carrot lodges while chatting with your friends and household the remaining 9 hours in order to attain every end you set.

    The above exercising makes two things for you:

    1. It gives you the powerfulness to make existent results. .in A manner which maintain you focused and lets you to see advancement throughout the twelvemonth and

    2. It coerces you to "get real" about how much you can accomplish and where you may desire to draw in outside resources to rush up your acquisition curve, outsource work, etc.

    So, what's next?

    You have got a choice.

    You can take this ezine and move it to your "I'll acquire to it later" folder, you can cancel it, or you can utilize it to change your 2009 forever.

    Making It Real: My Request To You

    My petition to you is that you pick one of your ends for 2009 and usage the exercising above to guarantee it's doable, a stretch for you, but still attainable. And travel through this procedure until all your ends are mapped out.

    Once you've mapped out your ends and the actions needed to acquire there (this method also military units you to look at your ends at least monthly), you can "ask" any chance or offering which come ups your manner whether it will back up you in reaching your ends or function as a distraction and do your determination based on your immediate, intuitive answer.

    Just imagine, no more than laboring over decisions. .they either make or make not back up your goals. How liberation is that?!?

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