Thursday, November 27, 2008

New Innovations in Duct Tape - Move Over For Graphene Wrap

Let's human face it, we have got all done a small speedy hole with epithelial duct tape. We utilize it to mend just about anything really. It's wish the old expression goes; "nothing a small epithelial epithelial epithelial duct tape and bailing wire can't fix." For many decennaries duct tape have saved our rears.

In fact, when the Aluminum Qaeda International Terrorists were said to be plotting the usage of Sarin Gas, the Department of Fatherland security said usage duct tape to seal up the clefts and around your doors and windows to protect your family. Gratuitous to say, Duct Tape sold out across the nation.

This is great news and yet one more than possible usage of the ill-famed fix-all, but this is the new millennium so move over "Graphene Wrap" a new stuff that have not yet hit the shelves. Soon, graphene coats with carbon-nanotube mesh will be used to literally repair anything. Yes, anything, including clefts in 18-wheeler motortruck frames, aircraft wing spars, atomic pigboats and old bridges.

But how is this possible you ask? Simple, these stuffs can be applied just like epithelial duct tape and once in topographic point hit with an electrical complaint and they will shrivel wrapper into place. They will be 500 modern times stronger than steel, easy to utilize and come up in a assortment of colors.

Indeed, the years of J.B. Dyer'S Rocket for fixing leaks in bagpipe is over, and so is welding for that matter. In the hereafter buckminsterfullerene enhanced graphene coats with carbon-nano-tube re-enforced arms will be used instead. The ultimate edifice stuff for strength and longevity, able to repair anything, so, throw away your ace glue, bailing wire, epithelial duct tape and welding machine; do manner for graphene wrap.

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