Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Conversation Comparing Two Online Products - $5 And $50,000 - Part V

Sean: Absolutely. Absolutely. Anybody else desire to add in here? Okay. I believe that everybody that's on this telephone call, you've got the place yourself in your marketplace and you have got to make up one's mind where you're going to place it. Although when you first acquire started, you may begin with $10 product, have got got a very little list, you desire to cognize how it converts, and you'd rather have three $10 gross sales rather than going three calendar months until you acquire your first $1000 sale.

So it do sense to begin off with a little product. But as so as your listing turns to the point where it can back up a better, higher value product, you've got to begin raising your terms and you've got to begin edifice larger products. That's how you're going to grow. You're not going to acquire to $15,000 expansive this twelvemonth at $10 vaulting horses a pop. You can acquire to $1000 at $10 a pop. So, if your end is a $1000, you don't necessitate me. Brand a $10 product, sell 100 of them a month, you don't necessitate me. You don't necessitate my coaching, you don't necessitate my seminars, you don't necessitate anything from me.

Build a $10 product, sell 100 of them a month, that's your $1000. If you desire to acquire to $50 a calendar calendar month or $5000 a month, you really necessitate to be at an norm ticket of at least 50 vaulting horses and really a higher ticket would be nice. If you desire to acquire to $15,000, you've got to acquire to an norm ticket of at least $100.And preferably at an norm ticket of $150. You've got to acquire there, there's a bounds to how much you can personally sell. There's really a bounds to just how many units of measurement you can handle. So to turn that income, you've got to turn the value of the merchandises you're offering. You can turn the value, you can turn the price. Notice that I'm not saying that you can turn the terms without growing the value. You can't just increase prices. You have got got to increase value first and then you can increase the terms so that they fit the value.

You can't increase terms first, you have to increase value.

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