Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Some Common Dream Symbols

Dream reading is a utile but often misunderstood art.

Dream symbols can have got generic readings and meanings. These symbolical significances are really not difficult and fast rules. In another word, they are not and should not be regarded as 100% definitive.

Below listed are some common dreaming symbols and their commonly associated meanings:

Water. Generally, it stands for our emotion. This symbol can have got many variations. Some fluctuations include manifestations of H2O such as as floods, rivers, oceans and ponds. Generally, ocean also stands for the deep subconscious mind portion of the human psyche.

Road. Generally, this symbol stands for our journeying in life. A winding route may intend that the journeying ahead have got turns and turns. Variations of this symbol include ways and paths.

Room. A room generally stands for a certain facet of our ego or personality. The quality of the room supplies hints to the feature of that portion of our personality.

Ghost. This is often a very misunderstood dreaming symbol. The shade in our dreaming often stands for a specific facet of our personality that we are not consciously aware of. This deficiency of consciousness of that portion of us often gives us fear. Ghost therefore stands for whatever that appears as unknown to us, that are actually a portion of us too.

As said earlier, it must be understood that the significances attached to daydream symbols differ from people to individuals. Although there are common semantics and significances to many dreaming symbols, an individual's personal upbringing and cultural beliefs can modify and alteration his or her internal associations to the symbols.

That's all to this article about dreaming interpretation. Thank you for reading.


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