Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Create Information Products Quickly And Easily - Without Writing Them Yourself

Does this scenario sound familiar?

You've got a great thought for a antic eBook or information product.

The thoughts are flowing. They're coming at you so fast you can't type fast enough!

You sit down at your computing machine hr after hour, disbursement clip away from your family, and you still haven't finished your book. You're embarrassed every clip person inquires you when you be after to be finished, or how long have got you been authorship this book, or worse yet, "Are you really writing a book or just pretending you are?"

The methods suggested in "How To Get Your Info-Product To Market With Lightning Speed!" will be of aid to you to derail this scenario and acquire you on the path to producing merchandises faster than you ever dreamed possible. Here's what Jo Condril, Author, Consultant, Speaker, said, "Bravo, Patsy. You're answering the inquiry that most of us authors and enterprisers have, how make we acquire these thoughts from our Black Maria and our heads onto paper?"

Following the seven stairway in the thought below which will acquire you on the right track. This is just one of the 14 thoughts you'll happen in the book.

1. You cognize your subject. Either it's something you've done in the past, it's a solution you've come up up with for a job that you were able to solve, your hobby, or maybe it's just something that you're very interested in so you've done some research on it. Whatever it is, you cognize your subject. The job is getting that information from your mind, bosom and caput onto paper.

2. You should first, however, do a small more than research to make certain that this topic is something other people will be interested in. Then compose out an lineation of your subject, just about 12 points that you desire to cover. Each of those points is a chapter for your book, and all you have got to make is spread out on those ideas.

3. Call a friend, one you see quite often anyway and ask for them to lunch, or better yet, ask for them over to your house for lunch. Just do certain wherever you travel is very quiet. Even a field day will do. State them you desire about an hr of their time.

4. Take along your digital recording equipment and over lunch, while you and your friend are enjoying each other's company, state them your narrative or give them the information about your subject, just speak to them as you normally would. Only this clip you'll be recording your conversation.

5. They may inquire you oppugns for clarification. This is even better because it gives you a opportunity to clear up any inquiries that mightiness come up up and demand to be explored more than fully. The enthusiasm you experience for this information will come up through and your friend will acquire excited about it, too.

6. By the clip you've finished your lunch, you will probably have got at least one chapter of your book finished, perhaps more, perhaps even the whole book. You speak at approximately 150 words a minute. One hr will be between 15-25 pages. If you necessitate more than in order to complete your book, inquire your friend (or another friend) to lunch and make the same thing again.

7. You can transcribe it yourself from the audio, but the best thing to make is to direct it to person else who is experienced in transcribing audios. It takes approximately 4 hours for an experienced transcriptionist with the right equipment to type each hr of audio, so why pass your clip doing it when you can acquire it done so much easier and faster by person else and I believe you'll happen that this is more than economical than you believe it would be.

When you acquire the copy back, you'll have got a Word written document which you can then edit. The whole procedure have taken you less than a hebdomad and you're swell on your manner to having your merchandise ready for the market. No more than perspiration over a hot computer, with small results.

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