Monday, November 26, 2007

How To Put Videos On Your PSP - What Everyone Should Know

I have got been using my PSP for more than than a year. I utilize it everywhere: in the school, at place and even in the bath. Many people utilize PSP only for games but I utilize it for watching movies, surfing the internet, working etc. Inch this article I would wish to state you how to set pictures on your PSP.

NB! Before you start, you should have got a 512Mb Memory card.

First of all, PSP plays pictures only in MP4 format. So you should convert your picture into MP4 format, using a particular free software, before you will set it on your psp. If you make not cognize how to convert your video, visit the blog (link at the end of this article) and see the picture wich will supply you with step-by-step instructions.

Now link your PSP and computing machine together using psp cable. Once the connexion is made, electric switch your PSP on and travel into scenes menu. Than fourth estate Ten button. Now your PSP and computing machine are linked and ready to register transfer.

Go to "My Computer" and happen the booklet called PSP on your memory card. Open it and make a new booklet called "MP_ROOT". Inside "MP_ROOT" make a new booklet called "100mnv01".

Everything is done. Just set any picture in this booklet and you can watch it on your psp. Now you cognize how to set pictures on your PSP. It is very easy as you see. I trust this article have helped you with your questions. Thank you for reading.

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